Citizens of Donetsk region demonstrate their support to the European choice of Ukraine

Citizens of Donetsk region demonstrate their support to the European choice of Ukraine

On Sunday, April 3, flash mobs appealing to Dutch citizens to support the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU were held in ten cities of Donetsk oblast. Coordinators of the flash mob are “Strong Communities of Donetsk region” in cooperation with civil society orgnizations and volunteers from Donbass. About 200 residents of the cities of Donetsk oblast came out to central squares of their cities to declare that Donbas is struggling for Ukraine’s free future in Europe. Two years ago people were beaten and even killed in these cities for their pro-European and pro-Ukrainian views, and now on the liberated territories of Donbass people can freely gather and declare their civil position.

During the Revolution of Dignity Ukrainian citizens determined their future to build Europe in Ukraine that is respect to human dignity and freedom, improvement of the rule of law and elimination of corruption, introduction of EU standards in everyday life. But unfortunately Donbas became an arena of geopolitical struggle initiated by Russia. Our own region has become a major tool in the cynical plans of dictator to stop Ukraine on the way to Europe. Hybrid war being waged by military troops and information warfare, distorted the idea of good and evil in our society. This war has also affected the Netherlands. Unfortunately, one the most horrific air crashes in Europe happened in the skies over Donetsk region.

Despite the fact that we are going through war, we want to inform the citizens of the Netherlands, that Donbass supports Ukraine’s European choice and believes it is the only way to win the war. No force, no weapons, but by means of development, observance of human rights, liberty and efficient country. It is for this reason the people of many cities of Donbass, most of whom went through war, decided to join the rally in their cities – to show their desire and unity with the European Union. We believe that the people of the Netherlands will say ‘YES’ to the unity with Ukraine in the referendum, taking into account the call of those who are the guardians of European values on the very last frontier.


On April 3, residents of Sloviansk came to the central square of the town to express their opinion on the future of Ukraine and its rapprochement with the EU. By this action the people tried convey to the Dutch citizens that they defend European values in the military conflict in eastern Ukraine, and the Association with the EU is the only, no alternative way to create sustainable democratic development and ensure collective security in Europe.

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In Druzhkivka people came to the rally in support of Ukraine’s European future with appeal to the citizens of the Netherlands to support the Association Agreement. The town residents emphasized that the famous human rights activist, Soviet political prisoner, Oleksa Tykhyi, comes from Druzhkivka. He was one of 10 co-founders of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union, which in the totalitarian Soviet Union was aimed at achieving the rule of law. “Today we, his descendants, are fighting for our freedom, our right to become a worthy member of the family of European nations, to decide ourselves on our own future, the future of our homeland. Friends, we are calling upon you to give consent to our presence in a civilized, democratic and European society. In the face of Ukraine you get a reliable partner and friend who will not betray and will not leave in need, “- the appeal of active citizens of Druzhkivka stated.




Residents of Kramatorsk who came to the event, appealed to the citizens of the Netherlands to support the European aspirations of Donbas residents at the referendum. “Sloviansk and Kramatorsk were the first towns in Ukraine which were seized by the pro-Russian terrorists. At that time all the residents of the city who openly showed their patriotism and support towards the EU were in danger under pain of death. Now we can go out and openly say: “Ukraine with Europe! Donbass with Europe “- a statement said.

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As well as other cities of Donbas, Krasnoarmiysk joined a regional action. After a brief discussion on the main town square the participants of the flash mob made a group picture holding pieces of paper with the hashtag #Donbass_UA_EU, thereby expressing positive support for European integration and calling on the Netherlands to believe in the future of Ukraine in the European Community.




In a frontline city of Toretsk local citizens showed their conscious desire to live in a united European family. People gathered near the pedestal of dismantled monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky – the one of the organizers of Soviet “Red Terror” and repressions, after whom the city was called until recently. The citizens of Toretsk addressed the people of the Netherlands with symbolic messages: Ukrainian Donbass – is Europe. At the line of military conflict the citizens are steadfast and immovable, they are ready to defend the European choice of Ukraine and Donbass in the name of sustainable development of a strong Europe and harmony for future generations.




Bakhmut is the ancient city in the region. Social activists and volunteers came out into the street to encourage Dutch residents to vote for the Association. The ancient and beautiful city of the Ukrainian Donbass is on the path to Europe!



Dobropillia’s local activists joined the movement regarding the common position of Donbass communities in matters of European integration. On April 6 in the Netherlands Consultative referendum regarding an association between Ukraine and EU will be held. Whether the Netherlands approve the agreement – the question is still open. If the Netherlands do not support the decision, the government could review the Association Agreement. On April 3, a group of pro-active Ukrainian citizens of Dobropillia came to express their position and appeal to the citizens of the Netherlands to support the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.




A small town Lyman became the first city in the Donetsk region liberated from the aggressor. Residents of Lyman believe that only democracy and human rights could be the basis for the prosperity of the Ukrainian people. The movement of active citizens, aimed at the establishment of European values among residents of Donbas released. This resulted in a rally in support of the Association of Ukraine with the EU. Active citizens openly declared their position as residents of Donetsk – we want to be part of the European community, where people, their freedom and rights – in the first place. The citizens of Lyman, like many other citizens of Donbas show their commitment to the future cooperation with European countries. Residents of Donbas – an integral part of united Ukraine – part of Europe.



Residents of a small town Novogrodivka also supported the campaign and appealed to the Netherlanders, “Ukraine needs a way to Europe. This is our opportunity to make Ukraine strong and legal state. We, the residents of the small mining town Novogrodivka ask Dutch citizens to support us in our desire for a better life! ”



City Kurakhove is located 20 km away from the contact line. Knowing the war in the face, we understand that it cannot be win by means of weapons. Only high-quality status of Ukraine as a European developed state can be a major key to end the fighting. When the country’s law and freedom will prevail, and prosperity as a result will be achieved, then lies and manipulation will not have power over people. Because deeds are always stronger than words. Do not deprive us of opportunities to save Ukraine to join the great European family. Vote for the association with Ukraine!



On Monday, April 4 an action “Donbass chooses Europe” was held in Kostiantynivka. Railway station “Kostiantynivka” – is the last one with the access of passenger trains from other regions of Ukraine. You can reach here by train from Kyiv. The front line is less than 30 kilometers from Kostiantynivka. But neither this nor other obstacles didn`t hinder active citizens of the city. They also appealed to Netherland voters to support Association Agreement in a referendum.

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